What are you shouting about?


When we use the term ‘shout’ we mean promote and shout about an Indie Businesses and we always want to shout about Indie Businesses and everyone hears better when you shout right?

We want to shout about your Indie Business. Whatever it is let us know and we will shout about you on our Instagram, Facebook and Website.

Use the #SHOUTINDIEBIZ  on Instagram as much as you can and we will find you.

We want to create an army of loyal Indie Business supporters who SHOUT about Indie businesses everywhere they go and we will let them know about our #SHOUTINDIEBIZ hashtag so they can find your business too.

There are already gigantic numbers of people who will happily shout about Indie Business products and services and with these legends we want to help other supporters see your worth, see why buying with you is worth so much more.

Tagging, linking, and shouting about each other’s Indie Business is something we should all be doing to support each other and it is part of the values The Indie Business Awards are based on.

We will actively seek out businesses with that Indie Business spirit!