I’m Laura - owner and Chief Joy Maker at MakeaDaze. Makeadaze is the home of bright and bold polymer clay pieces that make a statement. Each piece is handmade and unique with a nod to vintage flair and fashion. Statement pieces that make an outfit have that extra zing factor. The name MakeaDaze comes from my childhood when, on weekends, we’d have “Maker Days” and do craft activities using leftover yoghurt pots, lolly sticks and endless pipe cleaners. I thought about what I wanted MakeaDaze to be and most of all, I want it to about the kind of joy we experience as kids. That feeling when you hear your fav song blasting on the radio. The taste of a cold fizzy pop or ice lolly on a hot day. The delight at doing something cool for the first time ever and someone else is there to witness your wizardry. I want to make things that give you that same feeling and to make a fab statement while doing it. Makeadaze is about sparkle and joy in even the smallest parcel. Be Bold, Be Bright, Be You! Xoxo

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