Our awards are nominated, judged and voted for by your supporters and other small business owners. That’s why our awards matter. We’ve detailed the process below so you know what to expect.


The supporters choice awards are nominated by indie business supporters, the people who shop with you, share, like and comment on your posts. This is why these awards matter.

You’re not judged on your outstanding business acumen, nor is it who has the most followers or most polished website. Its about the way you make your supporters feel. It’s about the little details in your business that sets you apart from the high street or big brands it’s those little indie business touches.



Each month for our supporters choice awards  we ask supporters to nominate the Indie Businesses they love and want to see recognised with a different category each month. We gather nominations via a post on Facebook and Instagram.

This is the only way to be nominated.

If you have been nominated on our grid post we will ask you to fill out a short form to say you are happy to be put forward to judging week. If you are nominated/tagged by a supporter and do not complete the form you will not be progressed further.



Our judges then look at each of the businesses and score based on our criteria as well as some indie business basic criteria.



Our Criteria was developed over time and by asking indie business owners what they felt mattered, what sets indie businesses apart from the high street,  to ensure we were being consistent across each award and also that personal bias has been taken out of the process.

  • Customer Experience – Engagement with customers on social media & Customer Reviews
  • Eco & sustainability credentials – Packaging, where are goods sourced, recycling and are eco friendly alternatives used.
  • Brand aesthetic-cohesive branding across social media, website and products.
  • Mission & Purpose – what it is that drives your business, what your brand stands for.
  • Charity Work – percentage of profits supporting charity, giving back from your business or using your platform to support a cause.
  • Indie Business spirit – getting involved with other businesses, collaboration & supporting peers.

The Basics 

This is the basic criteria for eligibility and entry into the Monthly People Choice awards.

    • 10 or less employees
    • Founder owned and run
    • Working from a bricks and mortar shop, office space, mobile truck or kitchen table.
    • Has an internet presence to promote and gain business, this can be a website or any social media platform.
    • Be a follower on our Instagram Page (This means you are kept up to date and we can find and promote you easily)
    • Meet that category criteria for that month. For example, Vegan, Food & Drink, Baby Products
    • Must have been trading for 3+ months on date of the nomination email being sent.

The Finalist’s

Finalists are selected from the nominations by a different  judging panel each month.
We try to select judges with an interest in the particular category for that month. The judges are announced on Instagram each month.

Judges scoring takes around a week and after that we will contact the finalist and then the fun really begins!

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